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Kohler Commercial Backup Generator

Kohler Generator Sales & Installation

Generators are a necessary investment for any home or business. For example, homes, restaurants and grocery stores must have power to keep food refrigerated. Businesses and homes both need power operate their appliances and equipment. When there is a power outage, everyone suffers.

When your power goes out you need a brand you can trust!

Our generators for backup power provide reliability and performance. In just 10 seconds, your KOHLER generator can have power back on at your home or business, including AC, heat, computers, sump pump and major appliances like your refrigerator.


Kohler Generators for Your Home or Business

Colwell Electric offers residential and commercial generator installations and sales to help your home or businesses of all sizes, large to small, against power outages. 

Our partnerships with leading generator manufacturers allow us to provide you with a solution that fits your unique needs. Our experienced generator team will work with you to determine your exact situation and develop a customized plan that’s fit your business. 

You can trust our staff to call on their experience and expertise when working with you. Our team –

  • Stays up to date on local ordinances and codes.
  • Works well with local building and permitting departments.
  • Incorporates manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Minimizes costs and enhances safety during generator placement.

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Backup Generator benefits

Together, we will design the generator you need to power critical and hard-wired systems, such as:

Office Appliances

Heating & Cooling

Security Systems


Business Equipment