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Colwell Electric has more than 30 years experience with Automatic Transfer Switch Service, including Zenith Controls Automatic Transfer Switches.

We stock and sell parts for older relay operated switches and new microprocessor controlled equipment. We can provide any commercial or industrial product Zenith offers, such as:

  • Factory trained technicians with a combined total of 82 years of experience
  • Ability to retrofit a legacy automatic transfer switch with a new controller and/or install a new automatic transfer switch in an existing cabinet
  • Stock a large assortment of Zenith automatic transfer switch parts for the various models of transfer switches, from legacy models to current models, and we keep our service trucks stocked with parts
  • Approved Zenith Factory Service Center for the past 28 years
  • Factory authorized warranty work
  • Yearly preventative maintenance and calibration
  • Emergency service for commercial electrical work

Introducing the 30-Cycle Zenith ZT30 Automatic Transfer Switch

Meet the industry’s leading 30-Cycle Zenith ZT30 Automatic Transfer Switch, which optimizes uptime for critical life-safety applications. This switch supplies 100% rated power to loads after a short circuit or withstand event, maximizing power distribution system reliability and up-time.

The Zenith ZT30 is complete with a Quick Make/Quick Break design which enables manual operation with the door closed, minimizing arc flash exposure, a 100% top or bottom cable entry, and a simple field configurable voltage selection for faster and easier installation.

30-Cycle Zenith ZT30 Automatic Transfer Switch

Click here to watch GE’s video on their newest 30-Cycle Zenith ZT30 Automatic Transfer Switch.

In this video GE shares what this upgraded switch offers such as real selective coordination and increased flexibility.

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